Osteopathy – An Effective Low Back Pain Treatment And Other Chronic Conditions

Low back pain is a common complaint of many people. Young professionals suffer from it due to the long work hours spent in front of a work desk. Mothers are constantly massaging their back because of the physical strain created by household chores, carrying children, and other responsibilities. Elderly folks live with low back pain for it’s one of the effects of aging – their deteriorating health creates the discomfort. People from all walks of life can experience this type of persistent pain.

Fortunately, there are various methods of alleviating this pain or getting rid of it completely, and one of them is osteopathy — a natural method that utilises a variety of hands-on techniques, exercises and lifestyle changes for speedy injury recovery and eradication of pain. Osteopaths are available throughout Australia and are easy to find via online search, for example, ‘osteopath Adelaide‘.

An osteopath approaches low back pain treatment via the muscles, joints and nerves, and creates a significant impact on the circulation of blood and lymph (to distribute oxygen and essential nutrients to affected areas and rid the body of toxins). A lot of people who choose osteopathy for back pains appreciate that it’s a non-toxic, non-invasive treatment for pain; it’s convenient as well, especially for people who are often busy with work and cannot afford to take time off. And when it comes to efficacy, many patients claim they feel the results after a single or a few sessions.

But osteopathy is not only for low back pains; we treat neck and thoracic pain. Discomfort and pains localised in the upper area of the back where the neck and shoulders are is just as vulnerable to pains as the lower back, especially if people do not maintain the right posture most of the time. Neck and shoulder pains can affect mobility and can radiate to the head, arms and hands. With soft tissue manipulation or massage and stretching (two osteopathic techniques), the neck and shoulder can experience relief and the healthy structure of the neck and shoulders can be restored.

Osteopathy for pain management is also highly recommended for other chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, sciatica, and arthritis. It is also worth mentioning that it has proven helpful in treating people who experience migraines, suffered sports injuries, and encountered pre- and postnatal problems.

Therefore, if you have been suffering from any of these and you want an all-natural, non-invasive solution, osteopathy is definitely a worthy consideration. It is a treatment program that can be covered by your private health insurance, as well as Work Cover or Motor Accident Authority.