How To Find An Osteopath In Sydney And Bondi Junction

Taking advantage of osteopathic services can help relieve and even eliminate aches and pains which, in some cases, may have troubled patients for years. Osteopathic medicine practitioners approach health care holistically, and with the focus of osteopathy being on the musculoskeletal system, therapists are highly skilled in assisting patients in eliminating longstanding pain issues – particular those originating from back and neck related injuries. As a greater understanding spreads among … [Read more...]

Core Stability vs free weight exercises

Food for thought: The available evidence suggests that strength and conditioning specialists should focus on implementing multijoint free weight exercises, rather than core-specific exercises, to adequately train the core muscles in their athletes and clients.   … [Read more...]

Positive Effects of Running

Excellent news for all you runners and want to be runners New research has shown that "running significantly reduced arthritis and hip replacement risk" in a study of many thousands of runners. Note: a large part of this was due in part to runners being typically weight being the trump factor. Even still this research flies in the face of the common assumption that running is harder on your joints. What this research clearly shows is that running is either neutral or helpful … [Read more...]

Trigger Point Dry Needling

Dry needling is a treatment that permanently reduces muscle pain and dysfunction by releasing tight muscles by using a small filament/acupuncture needle. Treatment using dry needling allows the patient and therapist a much quicker return to being injury free. Dry needling is a very effective treatment protocol, however is still is essential that the underlying biomechanics and dysfunction be addressed; therefore dry needling is always used along side other hands on osteopathic techniques … [Read more...]

Osteopathy is the fastest growing health profession in australia

Osteopathy is the fastest growing health profession in Australia According to PHIAC, the number of people choosing to visit an osteopath has increased by 48% over the last two years (June 2012). As a comparison, other manual practitioners such as chiropractic and physiotherapy increased by only 7% and 11% respectively during this time period. The rate of popularity and  growth is a credit to all dedicated osteopaths with ideals in advancing quality of patient care … [Read more...]